Suresh Nayar

Author, Storyteller, Hobby Farmer

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9000 BCE - Masuthivan in Kumari Nadu
5000 BCE - Somradeva in Eelanku Teevu
1025 CE - Amara Bhujangam in Tumasik
2017 CE - Venkat in Bangalore

Who were these individuals?

Was it one individual who discovered time travel?
Was it the one man who was an immortal?

OR, were they four different people mysteriously connected to each other through several millennia?

Discover the answer to this baffling mystery, in the author's new mythological fiction novel!

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Suresh Nayar

Suresh Nayar is a former online marketing professional and a hobby farmer from Bangalore.
His passion for ancient history and mythology has led him to read copiously on these subjects and travel to various locations seeking to be enlightened on the various mysterious legends of India’s glorious past.

His interactions with various scholars of history and mysticism during his travels while seeking the origins of civilisations in India was the primary inspiration for him to put pen to paper.

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